Kirtan: Yoga for the Heart

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Arranged & Produced by: Jon Gilutin

Acoustic Guitar: 
- Kara Grainger
- Steve Ross

- Leland Sklar
- Hussain Jiffry

- Alicia Bauer

- Mike Shapiro

Elec Guitar: 
- Grecco Buratto

Elec "high-life" Guitar: 
- Dean Parks

- Ryan Brewer

Keyboards & Programming: 
- Jon Gilutin

- Ricardo Hambra
- Jason Kadlec
- Clayton Campbell

Lead Vocals: 
- Ryan Brewer
- Erinn Alissa Selkis (Jai Ma) 

Response Vocals: 
- Amanda Brecker
- Danielle DeAndrea
- Erinn Alissa Selkis
- Kara Grainger
- Maxayn Lewis
- Steve Ross

Group Vocals: 
- Ariel Joseph Towne
- Beth Friedlaender
- Honeybee Henderson
- John Clinebell
- Kelly Clement
- Michael Brian Baker
- Mike Ellis
- Tracy Sachs

Cover Photo:
- Roy Dunn

Cover Layout:
- Jasper Trout

Special thanks: 
To Darren Main for encouraging me to sing
To Krishna Das for leading the way. 
To Jai Uttal for teaching me that Kirtan is a prayer, not a performance
To Govindas for your love, support, and Shala
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